Period Inspection And Testing

A Periodic inspection is a practical & visual survey carried out on a commercial electrical installation. A report is produced detailing the overall condition of the electrical installation and whether it is deemed in a satisfactory condition for continued use. Following the Periodic Inspection, we will provide you with a quotation for any remedial work that is recommended to rectify any faults found. A periodic Inspection is carried out for the following reasons:

• To assess compliance of occupancy of the premises
• Because of any significant change in the electrical loading of the installation
• Where there is reason to believe that damage may have been caused to the installation

An engineer or two depending upon the size of the site, will attend site and carry out a visual inspection and electrical test of the installation. This may be done out of office hours if necessary to prevent any disruption to your working day. For most commercial establishments the maximum period between Periodic Inspections vary as follows;

• Commercial Installations – 5 years
• Industrial Installations – 3 years
• Buildings open to the public – 1 year
• External Installations – 3 years
• Caravan Parks – 1 year
• Fire Alarms – 1 year
• Short-Term Installations – 3 months
• Site Installations – 3 months.