Pneumatic Transportation Systems

With the rising economic hardships and our quest to have things done more efficiently and quickly, Data Tran Electrical has teamed with its European partners to supply and install pneumatic transportation system for various industries. Retail, Pharmaceutical, Health care, Banking & Financial, Mining and any industry where items up to 28kg are required to be moved to and from places rapidly and efficiently.

The last thing a company wants to hear is a robbery in their shop or till snatch at the beginning of the day or at the close of business. In the retail and financial sector, Data Tran Electricals offers a range of cash handling systems, from a simple one way system, to the more complex multiple station system called cash Tran, all of which link to a central secure cash office area. All of our systems have the capability to a have a pod return system from the cash office which enables it to become a 2 way system. Money can be sent securely to and from a particular work station. This puts an end to carrying of money around the shop floor at the beginning, during and after business.

In health care and pharmaceutical sectors, blood samples and medicines can be transported more efficiently to save time which could end up saving a life.

In the mining sector, hot steel, gold or diamond samples needing testing can be transported in special carriers.

We also design build and install new ones as well as maintain existing ones. For a quotation of a maintenance contract or new installation,

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