Live Track Testing, Train Depot DC Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance

Have you been searching for a skilled and competent company that can carry out all of your testing, inspection and maintenance on all of your high voltage assets?

Look no further than Data Tran Electricals Ltd.

Point Heaters

Due to the never-ending change in the climate, it is important and necessary to heat the points during cold snaps. The point heater elements attached to the points, stop them from freezing allowing them to move with at ease. These are controlled via a point heater cabinet and Data Tran currently look after, maintain, and test on a quarterly basis. We only install self-regulating point heater elements as these are energy efficient and provide a 70% saving on energy.

TFL Underground Approved Contractors

Our long established electricians and electrical engineers staff have Lucas / Sentinel Cards, are Depot Track Trained, and hold High Voltage Switching Certificates.

We are adaptable to your needs, are able to test, inspect, maintain and install all switchgear, and track assets inside, and outside of London Underground train depots within the boundary boards.


  • Manual track isolators
  • 630v dc emergency push buttons
  • Depot track Earth Leakage Monitors
  • Section Control Panels
  • Air Circuit Breakers
  • DC Couplers
  • DC Change over switches
  • Gap Jumpers
  • 20Kva, 10Kva, & 5Kva UPS Systems
  • Point Heaters
  • Depot shore supplies
  • Over head 630v dc bus bar

CCTV & Security Systems

We provide and supply High definition CCTV systems, Barrier gates, Access control systems & Intruder alarms for commercial or residential solutions. We also offer a specialist range of covert cameras that for the purposes of Investigation.