Thermal Imaging

Data Tran Electricals uses Thermal Imaging as a key element in the Predictive Maintenance (PM) of electrical installations. Unlike conventional fault diagnosis, or even regular inspection, Thermal Imaging is non-intrusive, non-invasive and non-destructive, resulting in significant cost-savings and minimizing disruption.

Using Thermal Imaging, your system can be monitored while your equipment is still under load. Thermal Imaging provides Data Tran’s trained operators with ‘heat’ pictures, from which accurate temperature measurements can be made. These enable detection of anomalies which would otherwise go unseen, allowing for correction before costly system failures occur.

How Thermal Imaging works

When electrical connections become loose, the resistance to electrical current increases, causing a rise in temperature. The increased temperature will, in time, cause components to fail. However, before the problem leads to component failure, the efficiency of the electrical grid falls, due to the energy used in generating heat. It is this heat that Data Tran Electricals detects using Thermal Imaging.

Where a non-visible problem is not identified using Thermal Imaging, the heat will eventually increase to a point where connections melt and break the circuit, possibly resulting in fire.

Apart from defective connections, Data Tran Electricals can identify load imbalances, corrosion, and increases in impedance using Thermal Imaging. By locating hot spots, we can quickly asses how severe a problem is and work out the best course of action to resolve the problem safely, but with minimum downtime.

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